Welcome To My Blog!

Welcome To My Blog


Greetings all,

My name is Kai Wheeler,

I am a 25 year old San Diego native passionate about holistic health and wellness.

As a personal trainer, or self-proclaimed “functional movement specialist” I train clients, post instructional videos and share as much content as I can on fitness and health. Up until this point I have been putting off blogging…after all I just recently got over my discomfort being on camera and let’s be honest, writing can be a little intimidating.

So why the change of heart? Simple… I believe in a balanced approach to sustainable wellness- achieving physical and mental health through exercise, nutrition and stress management techniques. In my constant pursuit of knowledge I have come across a wealth of beneficial information that has helped me in my own personal journey toward health and wellness. The internet provides me with a platform to share the information that has already benefited me and so many of my clients.

My Aim Is To:

1. Provide sedentary individuals with a foundation to build on.

2. Expand on the benefits of fitness and nutrition beyond the aesthetic component.

3. Offer resources to help resolve aches and pains brought on by lifestyle without the use of medication.

4. Post information to empower people with the knowledge that will help them take proactive measures rather than           reactive measures.

5.Share that which inspires me!

6. Urge you to be a part of the domino effect, sharing information that will help your loved ones achieve a healthy life!

    Stay Tuned!

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