Training Program


Functional training can be defined as an approach to exercise that trains the body in movement patterns rather than isolation.A functional workout program offers versatility that machines and classic weight lifting do not. Exercises mimic activities of daily life that occur in all planes of motion, forward movement (sagittal plane), lateral movement (frontal plane) and rotational movement (transverse plane). Functional training is for everybody, whether one is looking to start exercising for the first time or compete at the highest level in athletics. Benefits include:

  • -Increased core strength
  • -Increased body awareness
  • -Increased balance and stability
  • -Agility
  • -Coordination
  • -Explosiveness
  • -Direct athletic application

Kai’s functional training program is dynamic, utilizing exercises that train the muscles as an integrated system of movers. Check out the gallery of exercises ranging from basic to advanced!