I asked some of my client’s to write about their experience with me so far. Thank you to all of my clients who trust me and allow me to grow!

“I began training with Kai after a period of relative physical inactivity with several goals in mind. Firstly, I had been having lots of pain in my neck and in one of my knees, due to past injuries, which I wanted to lessen. Secondly, I am an opera singer, and wanted to be in peak physical health in order to increase breath support and stamina for singing purposes. Kai’s light weight training and core-building exercises have greatly increased the quality and ease with which I sing, and I am absolutely thrilled with the results. In addition, the pain in my neck and knee have lessened dramatically. I have never felt so good, and I have never enjoyed working out so much! Kai’s training is innovative, fun, and EFFECTIVE. I cannot recommend her enough!”

Michelle L., 25

I am a retired RN who has suffered with low back pain for decades. Professionally and personally I have been in a caregiving role for 25 years. It has taken it’s toll on my low back and posture, affecting my ability to perform my activities of daily living. It was the deciding factor in my decision to retire from nursing two years ago. I tried a myriad of therapies attempting to regain the ability to walk and stand without back pain, (physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, spinal injections, prolotherapy, yoga, exercise classes, nerve ablation etc).

Finally, my specialist recommended myofacial release and I set out in search of someone who could coach me through the proper techniques. It was a special day when I found Kai. The releases and exercises she showed me have helped me to perform every day tasks such as cooking and housework without pain. I can now enjoy going for dog walks again! When the stresses of caregiving at home create aches and pains in my back, Kai has taught me some quick exercises to use to keep me on track.

I recommend Kai to anyone suffering with long term pain. She has taught me how to help myself.

Sue P., 63

Kai was of the utmost help for two problems I came to her about.  Firstly, a long standing achilles tendon issue that made it difficult to use stairs, let along jog or  exercise.  She accurately located the problem, treated the source of the difficulty, and provided strengthening exercises to prevent re-occurence.

The second issue was conditioning for skiing last year.  Although not a skier, Kai correctly felt that by core conditioning, my (and my wife’s) technique and skill level would be helped. She was absolutely right.  Kai is professional, well trained and experienced, listens attentively, and provides intelligent guidance.  Besides, she’s lots of fun to be around.

R. C. Bone, M.D., 65

I got pregnant with my first child 5 months after I started personal training with Kai. I wanted to stay active during my pregnancy but I was worried about harming the baby. Kai developed a safe program according to the doctor’s recommendations. Every step up the way Kai checked in with me to make sure I was comfortable. I was able to workout out up until 2 weeks before delivery. The doctors were impressed with my overall fitness level & the amount of weight I gained. I credit this to Kai’s guidance & ability to tailor my workout to my individual needs. I had the baby 9 weeks ago by cesarean birth and have lost all of my baby weight & am back to working out with Kai. Our baby is strong & alert and very active. I would recommend Kai to anyone. Her positive coaching & encouragement make you want to work hard for her.

Lauren B.,39

3 years ago I was involved in a serious car accident that resulted in a massive brain bleed. In a matter of minutes my whole life changed. The brain aneurysm left my right side significantly weaker than my left. I went from having a very active lifestyle, enjoying yoga and golf to barely being able to walk.

Kai has been working with me for almost 2 years. Our first big accomplishment was getting me on and off the ground without assistance. Her training has helped me get back to some of the every day activities that were so challenging and in some cases impossible.  I do not have to rely on any assistance to walk, I have returned to driving, my strength in my right side has improved significantly. I have even made it back to the golf course.  The recovery process can seem so frustrating at times but Kai is always encouraging me to consider how far I have come.I highly recommend Kai for anyone facing a difficult recovery to improve their quality of life!

Ray B.,64

After years of putting off returning to the gym, or any form of exercise for that matter, a good friend drove to my house and escorted me across the street  to a gym I had joined more than four months prior.  I had not really exercised in more than ten years and it was obvious in every way.  I had a very low energy level and chronic pain at the top of my right leg in the groin area.  I also felt stiff and swollen most of the time, so exercise usually caused more pain, hence the constant avoidance.  Because I know myself well, I decided I better go with a trainer to motivate me and push me harder than I would myself.  After my friend and I described what I wanted/needed to the guy at the gym’s desk, including training with a female and someone who could deal with a middle-aged woman in terrible physical shape, I was introduced to Kai Wheeler.  She would change everything for me.

Upon meeting and after chatting for a bit about what I hoped to get out of our training sessions and filling her in on my chronic pain issues, she evaluated where I was based on observations of a few exercises she asked me to do.  It’s safe to say that I was in very sad shape.  What she did next changed everything for me.  She showed me a number of trigger point release techniques and corrective exercises. Something incredible happened.  Within the first couple sessions, for the first time in at least five years, I had no pain in my usual hot spots and felt instant increased mobility.  My legs felt incredibly light (and trust me, they’re not). All of this finally allowed me to exercise without experiencing more pain.  More than that, I find that my energy levels have increased.  Kai’s balanced training program has changed everything for me and for that I’m truly grateful  Thank you, Kai!

Paige H.,42

There is too much to say about Kai in such a small amount of space but in keeping it short and to the point, she is absolutely amazing at what she does. From initial meeting to my last sessions, she was always able to get the best out of my body, and produced results due to her practical philosophy of functional movement training. My goal was to lose weight and define muscle and she accomplished that by providing core exercises with cardio training. I lost a considerable amount of weight. I was once an athlete, and had grown HUGE due to not making physical fitness a priority or lifestyle. Upon expressing my goals to Kai, she put me on a program that allowed me to lose 40lbs while building strength and definition. I have since kept off the weight, and have been able to implement many of the techniques and exercises she trained me with. Kai, thanks for helping me obtain my goals, and continually being the professional you are. I would refer you and your training to anyone asking for a great trainer!

Michael F.,41