My Typical Workout Format

My Typical Workout Format

If you feel like you are wandering around the gym doing random exercises with no real structure this article is for you! Hopefully this post will give you some guidance for your exercise routine!

I will share with you one my favorite workout formats for myself and my clients.

Before I exercise, I first define the purpose of my workout. Each training session should have clearly defined goals. The purpose determines the training approach and exercise selection. (see video for sample workout)

For example, the purpose of the workout featured in the video that corresponds with this blog, is to strengthen the glutes, back and core.

My Favorite Functional Workout Format Consists Of:
Warm Up
Circuit 1
Circuit 2
Circuit 3
Cool down


Prior to the main workout, I perform a warm up. A warm up can be thought of as an activity which prepares the body for physical exertion. An effective warm up will help decrease risk for injury. The warm up will depend on the purpose of your workout. For example, if the purpose of my workout is strength training I might workout using corrective exercises.


Corrective exercises are exercises that address muscle imbalances that may be compromising posture and movement patterns.The first type of corrective exercise I perform before strength circuit is self myofascial release.


Self Myofascial release is a method of applying pressure to restore dysfunctional fascia and alleviate trigger points. This technique can help mobilize tissue that may be inhibiting my movement. The releases I choose depend on the purpose of the workout. For example, if I know I will be squatting I will release my hip flexors. If I know I will be rowing I will release my traps.

The second type of corrective exercise I typically use involves isometric muscle activation.


Isometric muscle contraction exercises, are exercises that require a muscle to exert force with no visible change in muscle length. They can be used strategically to improve neuromuscular activation.

If the goal of my workout is to get a quick high intensity workout, I may do a few releases and go straight into the workout.

After the warm up I am ready for the circuits.


I typically like to break my workout up into 2-3 exercise circuits performed in rounds with little rest in between. I perform the exercises according to reps or time.

If the purpose of my workout is primarily strength training, I will choose a couple pieces of equipment to give myself different forms of resistance. I perform the exercises in order of difficulty with little rest in between.


Last but not least, this is a neglected step…stretch people! Static stretching is a technique that involves holding a muscle in an elongated position for a period of time (20-30secs). Static stretching following the workout will help relax and reset muscles to ideal resting length.

Keep in mind, this format can be customized based on your purpose.

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