Client Spotlight: “The Most Inflexible Man Alive”

Client Spotlight: “The Most Inflexible Man Alive”

When I first started training Dave, I jokingly dubbed him “the most inflexible man alive.” I had never encountered someone so inflexible. In our initial consultation, Dave told me that he had back pain so severe he couldn’t sleep through the night or stand still for more than 15 minutes during work meetings. Dave had tried just about everything with the exception of surgery and was determined to find relief without pain medication. His sedentary lifestyle resulted in weight gain, but with that level of discomfort, exercise didn’t seem like an option. His wife (also a client) recommended that he sign up for sessions with me to work on his mobility.

I designed a program for Dave that consisted of myofasical release, stretching and corrective exercises.  As Dave’s range of motion improved, I began to introduce more dynamic full body functional exercises. After 3 months Dave could sleep through the night and could stand longer at work without discomfort. At 6 months Dave reported a significant improvement in energy levels and mobility throughout the day.

After a consistent year of training, Dave has come so far! Today he competed in his first sprint triathlon with gas left in the tank and no back pain. Great job Dave! I am so proud!




  1. Keeon says:

    I have no doubt that Kai was able to help Dave. Her videos are very informative and instructive. He would have received some of the best routines to become flexible.

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